Listen Live and Let Live

Brian Craig of Catholic Radio 2.0 will be hosting a panel discussion with Jeffrey Tucker of NLM and me this Saturday at 5:30PM as a follow-up to a 5PM appearance by Fr Joseph Fessio, SJ of Ignatius Press. This will be interesting since I’ve never been on the interview end of a radio booth, and neither have I ventured into this medium since radio announcers used to time cuts and breaks by brain and pencil-on-paper instead of by computer.

After Fr Fessio gives a rundown of post-conciliar liturgy affairs, Jeffrey and I will discuss our music plans for the coming weekend, 6th Sunday of Easter, cycle A. Rarely do I get to gab about music choices instead of play them; this weekend at the parish, I have a very rare five Masses off: no accompaniment, no sacristan, nothing of note except to come to some Mass with my family and be a pew potato.

I encourage you to listen in to this program. I’m looking forward to an interesting discussion with my colleague and with Brian.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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