Vacating, But Writing Scarce

I’m taking about a week off from the parish scene, starting yesterday. This pseudo-vacation will be peppered with some parish appearances–I can’t get every responsibility off my plate this time of year, though the major liturgical stuff is pretty much behind me. And it will be largely consumed with work.

We were outbid in our #1 house prospect in Ames Monday this week. ‘Course it could be the big fat “contingency” we have to place on our offers till the current homestead sells. #2 was also snapped up quick. #3, were it not for an undersized kitchen, would have been #1, despite having no yard to speak of. (I’d be able to leave behind the new lawn mower.)

The running joke at that house was a conversation with me and Brit:

“Dad, it’s time to mow the grass.”

“Right! I’ll get the scissors.”

The only “yard” on the property was the grass between the sidewalk and the street. Plusses: the three bedrooms were all sizable, all with walk-in closets. Three enclosed porches: one up, two down. And no yard to fuss with. The property was overpriced at $98K, considering the lack of land, garage, and driveway.

The realtor there says not to get discouraged. Something will turn up. Rather than “settle” (with no guarantee of acceptance) we’ve decided to keep options open. It only took us a month to find a KC home six years ago and move into it. And my pastor has graciously offered employment through the summer in case circumstances of a new job or relocation put the crimp on a June 30th departure.

My time off will hopefully end with a relatively clean house, mostly bereft of stuff, and partially packed for the move. Anita and I tackled the garage here this morning, sorting things into garbage, recycling, packed-to-go, and to-be-packed. We’re about a third done.

I have about 75 minutes to make more of a dent in my old downstairs den. Then it will be off to the thrift store to give away a carload of books, games, and assorted stuff.

Anita and I often joke about our Myers-Briggs tendencies on the P/J spectrum. Usually, my wife is an avowed J: wanting clarity, information, and planning and organizing. I’m much more willing to let things slide and wait for life or fate to work it all out. But on a project like this move, I turn into a fanatic. Let’s sort things out: what gets saved, this needs packing, this needs tossing, where did this other thing come from? Let’s get going. Let’s make it snappy!

I suggested to my wife we hire help to clean the home, especially the parts we want really spotless and pure, like the bathrooms. She’s resisted my prior suggestions about hiring a maid to come in a few hours at a time when she’s been sick. Housecleaning has pretty much been haphazard the last few months. But she’s come around to the optimization of our time and effort here.

I think this selling project is doable. I’ll be back to work full throttle next Thursday. By then, it would be nice to have the home listed and reasonably ready to go.

Needless to say, writing will be relatively scarce from me for the next several days. I’ll try posting once daily, but I have other moonlighting obligations elsewhere. The priorities will be what brings in extra money to pay for the maid, realtor, etc., or what work I can accomplish here to get our home ready for sale.

I knew this was going to be far tougher than the job search. I never had any doubt about finding work, and good work at that. I’m just praying that the timing on everything will be optimal with the best opportunities. Any brief prayer you can add in that regard will be deeply, deeply appreciated.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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