HCWEOM 42-53: Short Rite

When is the “Short Rite with the Celebration of the Word” used?

42. This form of the service is used when the longer, more elaborate form is unsuitable, especially when there are only one or two for communion and a true community celebration is impossible.

Otherwise, the basic structure is the same with some omissions. There is a greeting and penitential rite (43), followed by a short text from Scripture on the bread of life (44). The reading need not be a gospel passage, though short quotes from John 6 are among the suggestions.

After the reading, the Lord’s Prayer (45) is prayed and the rest of the Communion Rite follows (46-50) as in the Long Form, omitting the Sign of Peace. Brief concluding rites end the service (51-53).

I remember my one hospital stay for back surgery. I was visited by a priest who brought the Eucharist, but neglected the Word. I wasn’t in any particular distress, and while I wouldn’t have objected to a longer form, the lack of any Scripture made it feel very foreign.

Any readers with experiences of either the long or short form?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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