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Liberals and Their Pastors

I find it amusing that many conservatives are trying to posit a conservative attitude onto Barack Obama for his pastor’s outspoken positions and the trembling he induces in white America. Time and time again, I hear liberals criticized for picking … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Psalm 103: (8a or 17 adapted), 1-2, 8 & 13, 17-18a

The 103rd is one of nine ordinary time common psalms, and one of three of those that appear in the official wedding lectionary. It’s a fairly common choice, in the top five of the seven or so choices a couple … Continue reading

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HCWEOM 79-81: Forms Of Worship Of The Eucharist

Chapter III of the rite begins with a short three-section portion which makes the traditional argument in favor of Eucharistic devotion. As we move through about thirty-plus numbered sections, these texts will draw heavily on Eucharisticum Mysterium, the CDWDS instruction … Continue reading

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What Is It?

This is an easy one, I think. You can take a stab at it in the combox, or test your guess and follow this link for the answer.

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