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Does Bad Music Chase Away Good Catholics?

There is a good discussion happening at my lead essay today at InsideCatholic. A few crisis Catholics are wondering if the whole thing was some kind of stunt. Surely they must be pulling conservative legs to be bringing in me … Continue reading

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More on Glory & Praise

I’ve begun writing for InsideCatholic, and added the site to the blogroll. You can surf to this link, where I’ve been asked to make a positive case for Glory & Praise. The comments are a-rollin’ in already. You can go … Continue reading

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HCWEOM 82-83: Relationship Between Exposition And Mass

The first of the forms of Eucharistic Worship outside of Mass is Exposition. The introduction to this runs eleven sections, and is equivalent on a small scale to the GIRM. The Church frames the relationship between exposition and Mass: 82. … Continue reading

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