Romanesque and Modern; Hold the Baroque, Please

Zenit has an interview with Galveston-Houston’s retired archbishop, Joseph Fiorenza on the new co-cathedral recently dedicated. He was asked about the principles for the design:

We instructed the architect that we wanted something that was simple but beautiful: elegant and noble, that’s what’s attractive.

I think the exterior does that, with its Romanesque and modernistic features; it still captures the traditional cruciform architecture but with some very modern touches which I find powerfully simple and beautiful.

Our instructions for the interior were the same; we did not want Baroque. We wanted the height of it to attract you to the transcendence of God, but still focus attention to the altar, where the Mass is celebrated.

Check out this excellent slide show of 104 images from the Houston Chronicle. (Above image credit: Smiley N. Pool of the Chronicle)

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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