HCWEOM 105-108: More on Processions

These four sections give the rubrics for a Eucharistic Procession. There is no “black” really, just walking, praying, singing, and readings.

105. The priest who carries the blessed sacrament may wear the vestments used for the celebration of Mass if the procession takes place immediately afterward, or he may vest in a white cope.

106. Lights, incense, and the canopy under which the priest carrying the blessed sacrament walks should be used in accordance with local custom.

107. It is fitting that the procession should go from one church to another. Nevertheless, if local circumstances require, the procession may return to the same church where it began.

108. At the end of the procession benediction with the blessed sacraments should be given in the church where the procession ends or at another appropriate place. Then the blessed sacrament is reposed.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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