Puppet Masters Present

The CtA video makes its obligatory blogosphere rounds. Amy and others invoke and encourage the usual b****fest. Nothing surprising there. My only comment is this is what happens when liturgists aren’t in charge. The liberal snark is that somebody flooded the planning committee with catechists.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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15 Responses to Puppet Masters Present

  1. Liam says:

    The question I dared not ask at Amy’s but somehow feel safer asking here: why, oh why, do those mummers look like the corpus on that demented crucifix in “Carrie”?

  2. It all looks and sounds silly, but I wonder if CTA has any more real impact on day-to-day Catholic life in the USA than the SSPX. Any thoughts?

  3. Liam says:

    CTA is, from what I can tell among progressive Catholics in my area, a ghost at most. SSPX is more like and idea of a ghost (3 chapels in all of New England).

  4. Gavin says:

    I’d say the SSPX has more influence (or at least attention) now than CTA of VotF. I’ve actually never run into either though, and as anyone noticed, those groups tend to be filled with elderly boomers.

  5. Anne says:

    elderly boomers.

    hmmm….I suppose boomers are elderly to you…

  6. Liam says:

    Actually, I would say that Silent Generation folks (people born 1925-42 under the widely accepted late 1980s Strauss & Howe revision of generation cohort boundaries) are more dominant than Boomers (people born 1943-1960). If over 65 is young elderly, then Silents would count as elderly. The lead half of the Boomers are upper middle age. I am lead year of the shift to Gen X under the S&H revision, and that accords with the estimation of my teachers in high school that our class (1979) represented a significant shift in tone and substance from the preceding dozen or more years of classes. And similar comments were made during my college years as our cohort.

  7. Rob F. says:

    Commander Craig says, “I wonder if CTA has any more real impact on day-to-day Catholic life in the USA than the SSPX.”

    I doubt that CTA has that much direct impact, but I suspect that CTA has a fair amount of overlap with organizations that do have more of an impact. I’m thinking of campus ministries and retreat centers in particular.

    One of the reasons that videos like this inspire such a b****fest is that many former college students going on statewide retreats and whatnot have been exposed to liturgies similar to this in some respects. These experiences can leave a very bad taste in one’s mouth and inspire a reaction.

    On the other hand, not too many retreatants find themselves sent unknowingly to SSPX liturgies, I suspect.

  8. Again I say, as I’ve elsewhere, why waste one binary nano second kvetching over this obvious tyranny imposed upon the CTA “assembly” (and likely the purposefully unawares celebrant)? Aberration is just that, no more, no less.
    Though I wouldn’t want to be the idiot who let this brain fart of unbridled “inspiration” take root in his/her pea-brain intellect AT THE LAST JUDGMENT, I otherwise prefer to think that God paused after watching this byte, and laughed while fondly remembering that the stele on Easter Island at least don’t move and bob up and down.

  9. Anne says:

    Yes!!! Easter Island!…that’s what it reminds me of!

  10. Hmmm, this thread kinda sounds like a “b****-fest” . . .

  11. Todd says:

    Fr Fox, agreed. On another site, a person criticized me because I refrained from the complaining and tried to poke fun instead. “Too serious a matter,” she wrote.

  12. FrMichael says:

    There was a liturgist there who acted as MC: Leo Keegan, who has worked with the North American Forum on the Catechumanate and is well-known in Northern California circles as a liturgical consultant.

  13. Padrevic says:

    First of sorry for the long post…

    I know I am late to this conversation, but this video reminded me of the women who got ordained on the boat, did you see that one??? It was truly horrible liturgy (beyond whatever you think their “ordination” the liturgy was just horrendous!) Why oh why is the quality of liturgy of these fringe groups so abysmal??? I think if you are going to do something at the edge of acceptability, at least make it beautiful. I watched until the final blessing of the CtA video, of all the many troubling issues in this video (puppets, stages, sign of peace etc…) the blessing just flopped and the people did not know what to make of all that. If you are going to try to do something which is similar at least educate the people on how it will all work together. In the case of the womens ordination video at least try to make is sacred, beautiful, I have seen transformed hotel rooms provide more sacred space than that boat had in the ordination video, the womanbishop was using photo copied notes for the ordination that were just stapled together, could they not have sprung for a book or binder of some kind???

    I just went to try to find that womenpriest video to no avail. I did find this one it raises the same questions in my mind. With this mass, I was not sure who was the “celebrant”, why did they have a book stand if no one was going to use it, the great Amen was not worked out well…I am sure I (and others) could go on and on with this…It all goes back to the same question for me, why are they trying to remain similar but different. Why not just be truly different and unique? In an attempt to be relevant they get lost in so much stuff that Christ gets lost and they become the focal point of it all, it becomes a “Hey, look at me and what I am doing!” It appeared to be a “show” notice all the flash bulbs going off?

    About now would be the time that a friend of mine would say…”well if we just used the EF then all of this would be taken care of…” Well I am not so convinced of that…but if you know someone in these other groups, have them hire a professional liturgist and musician to help these things flow a bit better, if only just for me.

    Enjoy Pentecost
    peace to all

  14. Padrevic:

    I’ve had a very similar reaction when I saw the videos you speak about, including the one you linked.

    It seems so clear that the women who are claiming to be Roman Catholic clergy have had little or no liturgical formation–they don’t seem even to know the Roman Rite.

    I recall when the former first lady of Ohio, Dagmar Celeste, spoke publicly about being ordained a priest, she went on to say that she would have someone bring her communion, even though she knew she was barred from communion–and I thought, wait–if you’re a valid priest now, and you have a clear conscience about that, surely you know you can offer Mass yourself? Very strange.

  15. Liam says:

    Very strange, indeed, but unfortunately indicative of a mindset that gets in the way of itself.

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