The Real State of Real Estate

The homestead gets packed, cleaned, sorted, and given away in little or big bits each day. It’s a waiting time now, as we prepare to leave Kansas City, our home for the past six years. We’re eagerly, anxiously, and a little worriedly anticipating our move to Iowa.

It’s a strange limbo at the parish. This is usually the time of year I start planning for the coming ten to twelve months: recruiting committee members, charting out schedules, collaborating with staff colleagues on next year’s events, and the like. It seems rather strange to be shutting down an office, organizing computers, books, and files while leaving things in other people’s hands. No new music to review, no more engaged couples, no more reviews of sacramental policies. I’ve already had my last turn as adult group accompanist, my last choir practice, and my last meetings for liturgy committee, music committee, art & environment.

I’m grateful for the flexibility of my present and future employers to work with me on a timetable that adjusts to our ability to rent our current house and find a new one in Ames. At the moment, we’re awaiting a sound renter delivered from a rental management agency. Once we get the 12-month lease signed, we’re free to bid unconditionally on a new house. One nice home has already slipped through our grasp, and choices two and three were snapped up while the first bid went in.

It’s hard not being a little alarmed by what’s going on in real estate these days. I’ve resigned myself to taking a  monthly loss on renting our Missouri home. I just hope it’s something we can manage in the long-term.

Anita keeps reminding me God has His own purpose in the way things unfold, but I can’t help but wish I would have been fired or something last year.

Meanwhile, my baptismal patron stays upright and above ground.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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