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The End–Not!

Ian O’Neill at Universe Today explains why 21 December 2012 will not be the end of the world. Just like 7 July 2007, 1 January 2000, 16 July 1985, 10 April 1970, 4 December 1963, 8 October 1957, or even … Continue reading

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FIYH Introduction 5-7: Focus

The introduction to Fulfilled in Your Hearing wraps up with a reminder of its focus and purpose: The focus of this document, therefore, will be the Sunday homily; and even more specifically, the homily preached by the bishop or priest … Continue reading

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Buzzing the Columbia Hills

Check out this amazing flyover of Mars created from images of the Spirit rover and orbiting probes.

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Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem 7-10: Formation

The following sections deal with the formation of permanent deacons. First, #7 suggests a national or multi-national effort. In the US, it’s pretty much every diocese for itself. Are there any readers who know of diaconate formation occuring across dicoesan … Continue reading

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