The End–Not!

Ian O’Neill at Universe Today explains why 21 December 2012 will not be the end of the world. Just like 7 July 2007, 1 January 2000, 16 July 1985, 10 April 1970, 4 December 1963, 8 October 1957, or even 3 April 1843.

Any guesses on those famous dates?

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4 Responses to The End–Not!

  1. Dustin says:

    Without benefit of Google, I’m guessing that 1843 was one of the predictions made by the early Jehovah’s Witnesses (or maybe it was the Adventists–I forget their foundress’ name). Not sure about the others.

  2. Dustin says:

    Oh. 2012 is supposedly the end of the Mayan calendar. I swear I didn’t cheat,

  3. Jim McK says:

    7/7/07 (wasn’t 6/6/06 more threatening?)
    1/1/2000 was known as Y2K, hyped with “botched programming” myths.
    ’85 was the return of Halley’s Comet? But wasn’t july 16 in Nostradamus?
    April 1843 was Wm Miller’s “endtime”, which started the 7th day adventist tradition
    I kind of remember 1970, but cannot remember the impetus. Nostradamus? did this kick off hal lindsey?
    But I suspect astronomical connections for this and the other dates. (why no Hale bopp?)
    Isn’t there a group living in a cave near Moscow as we speak, expecting the imminent end of the world?

  4. Todd says:

    2007: Summorum Pontificum; 1985: Mahony appointed to LA; 1970; McCartney announces the Beatles’ break-up; 1963: Sacrosanctum Concilium; 1957: The Dodgers leave Brooklyn.

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