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Delicate, But Dangerous

From a few hundred thousand miles away, Saturn’s rings look so fine and fragile. This image, captured about a month ago, is on the main Cassini page, but other items headline above it. It would be serious trouble for Cassini … Continue reading

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Gloria XV

While listening to recordings of chant from the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, I realized that the Gloria Jeffrey Tucker and I discussed on the net last month was on disc 2. When I listen to this compilation, I … Continue reading

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Life’s A Beach, But Sacraments Belong In Church

From Mexico … Churches in. Hotels, homes, and haciendas out. Cuernavaca’s bishop, Florencio Olvera Ochoa, has put the kibosh on weddings, baptisms, and other sacraments being celebrated outside of places of worship. This comment slays me: (N)ew rules would (also) … Continue reading

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The Forty-Eight Kneel

Catching up on church news after a few whirlwind days, I noticed this piece at CNS about the pope’s communicants receiving the Eucharist while kneeling. Forty-eight communicants? That’s a pretty light load compared to the priest in a large parish. … Continue reading

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Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem 18-20: Sustenance

More colloquially, this is about the care and feeding of deacons. A deacon isn’t a free agent; he must be connected to a faith community, not of his own making: 18. Any deacon who is not a professed member of … Continue reading

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