Gloria XV

While listening to recordings of chant from the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, I realized that the Gloria Jeffrey Tucker and I discussed on the net last month was on disc 2.

When I listen to this compilation, I usually pop in disc 1. Did you know it was recorded back in the 70’s? There’s a disc 2 that was recorded in patches through to the early 80’s.

It’s also in By Flowing Waters, both in Latin and in English.

The American (single cd) release was also reviewed by Rolling Stone, of all publications.

Anyway, trivia aside, I agree with Jeffrey that this is a way decent plainsong setting. I think it’s perfect for Ordinary Time, but I’d probably do more festive settings for Easter and Christmas seasons.

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2 Responses to Gloria XV

  1. Gavin says:

    I actually disagree. I think Gloria XV is a fine chant for those unfamiliar with chant, children’s Mass or a Mass without musical resources, but I think I’d prefer to use Gloria XI as a regular Ordinary Time Gloria. It’s along the same lines of Gloria VIII, but with a more modal “feel” to it. At any rate, I think for Easter I would stick with Gloria VIII; Easter is the perfect time for a Latin Gloria, but you need something the congregation can really sing. It may be mostly association, but Mass I doesn’t really “do” Easter for me.

  2. jeffrey says:

    oh I’m so glad that you agree. I can’t believe how long it took us to finally take this leap and the results were far far more wonderful than I imagined. Looking back at it I think we delayed doing this so long because we were trying to think through it too much rather than just trusting the Church’s music to carry the day.

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