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Modern Liturgical Art, A Few Examples

Gavin asked, so let me offer some examples of what I would consider sacred art and architecture informed by a progressive, reformist view of Vatican II. I used to get tired of seeing/reading/hearing about it, but St James Cathedral in … Continue reading

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FIYH 5-6: The Assembly in Contemporary Ecclesiology

Why did the bishops start the homily discussion with the assembly? More reasoning: [5] Contemporary ecclesiology provides a second and even more fundamental reason for beginning with the assembly rather than with the preacher or the homily. The Dogmatic Constitution … Continue reading

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Wooden Crate Liturgy, Orange Backdrop

dotCommonweal is hosting one of the blogosphere’s usual discussions on liturgy. Some of us note the limitations of the “written internet” as a communications medium. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually host a real-time discussion? That’s why I think Brian’s … Continue reading

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On Concelebration

Getting out to surf some of the Catholic blogosphere the past day or two, I see that there was indeed some conservative reaction to Cardinal Mahony disinviting Bishop Robinson. Wouldn’t surprise me if he gets invited for a round of … Continue reading

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