On Concelebration

Getting out to surf some of the Catholic blogosphere the past day or two, I see that there was indeed some conservative reaction to Cardinal Mahony disinviting Bishop Robinson. Wouldn’t surprise me if he gets invited for a round of golf or two. And that strange reporting of kneeling, too.

I also see on the NLM site a translation of an Italian news item that the pope wishes to crack down on massive concelebrations.

This is actually a good development, though some of the St Blog’s commentariat do have their wires crossed on it. Lots of “wonderful!” and “I’m with you” and “Wow.” Then this comment:

It’s probably true. In which case all the liberals will be whining and crying and throwing fits Hillary Clinton style.

I hate to bring a good dose of snark to the party, but if you remember your recent history, liberals are more often accused of being anti-clericalists. We usually criticize con-celebration, remember? Sitting clergy in the pews and even — gasp! — asking lay people to distribute Communion in their stead.

Attending to the excesses of concelebration in large-scale liturgies is one thing. I applaud it, too. But Masses for tens of thousands in sports venues and hundreds of clergy vested for con-celebration is a nod not to any progressive liturgical theology I know.

Sorry, traditionalists. This progressive is standing for more horizontality on this issue. One priest, one Mass as a matter of usual practice. Concelebration for special occasions if needed. The clericalism and group performance is all on you.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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