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It Was A Labor Day …

… even though it’s Memorial Day, US. Lots of hard work from the family today. The garage is filling with packed boxes: The lady we hired to clean did a great job on the kitchen: What do you think of … Continue reading

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FIYH 8-9: Diversity and Unity

Let’s get to our daily post on FIYH. This next section is titled, “THE IDENTITY OF THE ASSEMBLY” [8] The Eucharistic assembly that gathers Sunday after Sunday is a rich and complex phenomenon. Even in parishes that are more or … Continue reading

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Shooting the Chute

This is a pretty amazing image at left. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter imaged the Phoenix lander parachuting through the Martian atmosphere. Astronomy Picture of the Day has a color image of Phoenix’s surroundings. I noticed at the afternoon press conference … Continue reading

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Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem 25-28: Spiritual Life

Paul VI and others were concerned about the spiritual life of deacons. First, these new permanent deacons would have to be people providing a “surpassing” example for others. 25. Let the deacons, as those who serve the mysteries of Christ … Continue reading

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“The kiss of death for your career is when you turn up and say: ‘Oh, I don’t do that.’” In an interesting article in the WSJ forwarded to me by Jimmy Mac, we have a brief exploration of the rediscovery … Continue reading

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