It Was A Labor Day …

… even though it’s Memorial Day, US. Lots of hard work from the family today. The garage is filling with packed boxes:

The lady we hired to clean did a great job on the kitchen:

What do you think of our elevated dishwasher? Anita and I will be missing that in the new home.

The master bath is now spiffy clean:

But the day’s effort took a toll, especially on the young miss of the family:

… who was of great assistance in hauling the smaller boxes upstairs from the den and Anita’s sewing area. She also sorted through things for recycling, packing, or giving away.

Here’s some of what’s heading off to charity tomorrow:

The only piece to put into place is the person or family who will be renting our home. It’s a pretty big piece, actually. The bank sure isn’t going to let us borrow for another house until we get a signed lease for this one. Worst case scenario is not getting people to lease the home until August or later. That would scuttle our home purchase in Iowa. I would be up in Ames working and the women of the household would be in KC, waiting for real estate action. Actually, Brit would need to come to Iowa to get started in school. That kind of separation, even for a few weeks, does not fill my heart with happiness.

The absolute best case would be renting before the end of June. I could start early at the new parish and we’d have almost a full summer to get settled in.

Inspection on the new home is Thursday. I sure hope they don’t turn up anything we can’t handle. It’s a nice five-bedroom ranch, post-WWII, a few blocks from the hospital, and a few miles from campus. It needs new interior work, mostly paint and carpet. If there’s not a lot of bad news hidden, it will be a good deal for us to get a house with that much elbow room.

I’ve been in a good fix-it mode around here lately. Hopefully, I’ll have the same drive in Iowa for the home we’ll be living in as I will for the home somebody else will be living in.

Keep us in your prayers for good renters to come our way.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to It Was A Labor Day …

  1. Gavin says:

    I got 3 boxes packed today, which I suppose is three times as much as I had done towards packing thusfar.

  2. Anne says:

    Praying that all goes smoothly as you and your family make this adjustment in your lives.

  3. crystal says:

    Your garage looks like that mysterious warehouse filled with crates in the Indiana Jones movies :)

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