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Criticism, Cynicism, Skepticism

I’ve been following the discussions on various sites about the possibility of lay people criticizing bishops. Is it good? Is it helpful? Is it a scandal? Is it needed? Is it even relevant? One blogger counts it as “useful evidence … Continue reading

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Beneath the Surface

Nancy Atkinson at Universe Today tells us why the Phoenix lander nailed the perfect landing spot in the search for subsurface water. Take a Martian arctic scene, add some water and you get a terrestrial Arctic landscape of permafrost. The … Continue reading

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Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem 32-35: Deacons In Religious Life

SDO treats the issue of deacons within religious orders. I confess my own ignorance on this practice. Is it widespread at all? The liturgical and teaching role within a community is clear enough. Many orders practice an apostolate in line … Continue reading

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Planet In The Nebula

William Herschel coined the term “planetary nebula” for those cloudy objects found in 18th century telescopes that resembled planets. These nebulae (from the Latin for “cloud”) were in fact shells of gas and dust blown from stars near the end … Continue reading

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FIYH 10-11: Common Faith

The bishops lay out a definition of “commoon faith,” or that grounding we all share asĀ Catholics that can and should be presumed by the local preacher: [10] To say that a community shares a common faith is to say that … Continue reading

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