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The Armchair Liturgist: Handling Solemnities at Daily Mass

Tomorrow is the solemnity of the Sacred Heart. Here’s a relatively calm purple chair issue for y’all. When a special liturgical observance like tomorrow’s falls on a weekday, what happens at your parish? What do you think should happen? In … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #56

Darnell Clayton hosts this week’s carnival at the Lifeboat Foundation blog. Mars is the big story, naturally, but the universe is much bigger than a dry-ish small planet on the inner edge of an asteroid belt.

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FIYH 12: Preacher As Mediator of Meaning

Lots of ink and byte-space is expended to emphasize the priest as acting in the person of Christ, but the bishops develop the notion of the preacher as a mediator: [12] The person who preaches in the context of the … Continue reading

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Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem 36: Conclusion

We come to the end of our examination of Pope Paul VI’s motu proprio, SDO, and its basic prescriptions for reviving the order of deacon. 36. Finally as regards the rite to be followed in conferring the sacred order of … Continue reading

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