Paul’s Sunday Conversion

This news bit dovetails with the commentary on moving special observances to Sundays in parishes. In 2009, 25 January will fall on a Sunday. As part of the special Pauline year, the day’s feast of Conversion of Paul may be observed instead of the Ordinary Sunday. Pope Benedict says so.

Off the top of your heads, are you making enough of an effort in the Pauline year to see your parish switching to the feast? Or won’t you bother with much of it?

Speaking for myself, I have my new musical on Saint Paul bookended with “dialogues” with Stephen the Protomartyr. In the prologue, I have Stephen’s final words (Acts 7:56-60) intertwined with Paul’s self-condemnation (Acts 22:3ff). At the end, Stephen is there to welcome the martyred Paul into heaven.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Paul’s Sunday Conversion

  1. Rob F. says:

    A clarification:

    According to the congregation’s decree (found here:, only one mass in each church may be replaced with the formulary “Conversion of Saint Paul”. In which case the second reading is still taken from the Sunday (3rd in Ordinary Time) and the creed is still said.

    No mention of the office.

  2. Todd says:

    Interesting. I would say that would bring the use of the option way down. Popes never give two homilies for multiple Masses, let alone prepare two separate texts. It’s curious that option doesn’t consider the practical reality for pastors in the trenches. But sadly, not surprising.

    The creed would always be said for a Sunday Mass, unless it were replaced by a sacramental rite.

  3. Rob F. says:

    Todd: I agree it is indeed interesting, and that it will make the option of such masses even rarer. I suspect that all this is intentional. I wonder whether the Sacred Congregation sees this as an option to be used mainly in those sacred places designated by the ordinary for gaining a plenary indulgence for the year of St. Paul, one of the conditions of which is to attend a public religious excercise in honor of the Saint.

    Such a mass would indeed be a most appropriate public religious exercise.

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