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The Armchair Liturgist: Year of Paul

Fr Martin Fox and others mentioned ideas and resources on the Paul’s Year thread below. Any other ideas for you armchair liturgists in the reading audience? Myself, I’ve been pondering something like a “lessons and carols” format (similar to the Office … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Romans 8:31b-35, 37-39

Let’s get it out in the open: this is one great reading. It’s appropriate to observe Year of Paul, day two with a look at one of the three wedding Lectionary suggestions from the letter to the Romans. This reading … Continue reading

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FIYH 50: The Lectionary

Why are the readings at Catholic liturgy set up as they are? What relationship does that have to the homily? [50] The homily is not so much on the Scriptures as from and through them. In the Roman Catholic tradition, … Continue reading

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Satellite Imagination: The Herschel Years

After Giovanni Cassini first espied Tethys and Dione in 1684, satellite discoveries dried up for more than a century. Astronomers didn’t think to look for new planets either. Lack of imagination? Perhaps so, because many famous astronomers viewed them. They … Continue reading

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FIYH 47-49: Faith Leading To A Response

How does the believer respond to good preaching? The faith of a believer should lead to a response of some kind. The bishops give two examples, then offer a third that is always appropriate. [47] When one hears and accepts … Continue reading

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Paul’s Year

Some dioceses and parishes are making something of this special 367-day observance, which begins tonight in Catholic parishes celebrating the vigil of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. The occasion is the 2,000th year since the apostle’s presumptive birth. … Continue reading

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FIYH 44-46: Faith As Interpretation

“Faith as Interpretation” headlines the next few sections. The bishops have a curious (to me) and broad take on “faith,” but stay with them for the point being made: [44] To say that preaching, the homily included, is directed to … Continue reading

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More on Fashion: “Not Prada But Christ”

CNS summarizes a L’Osservatore Romano piece critical of those who in turn have criticized the pope’s choices in personal and liturgical wear. The priest does not choose such ornaments because of an aesthetic vice — he does it to put … Continue reading

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FIYH 40-43: The Homily and Faith

After a bit of a break, let’s continue with our close examination of the USCCB document, Fulfilled in Your Hearing, in which the American bishops address the homily at Sunday Mass. Having covered the listeners and the preacher, the bishops … Continue reading

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Too Much Attention at the (Human) End of the Line

The Communion line, that is. First we have Rome focusing on how the Communicant receives and the personal preference of one Eucharistic Minister. Whatever happened to the focus on Christ, not people? Now it seems the wrong person got in … Continue reading

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Tethys Time

Cassini imaged Tethys above the moon’s south pole last month. Crater Melanthius, the largest seen here, has the elongated peak in the middle. Why would that be? I can’t explain why these icy little worlds fascinate me. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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Fashion Statements

A little more of interest in the liturgy news. From CNS: (T)he pope would begin wearing a shorter pallium — a circular woolen band worn over the shoulders with a shorter strip hanging down the front and back — similar … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #60

Michael at Slacker Astronomy (love the title) hosts the diamond (that’s elemental carbon) edition–the 60th–of the Carnival of Space. The above image is the horsehead nebula, via the NASA image of the day site. Michael has another image at the … Continue reading

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Searching for Know-How

This should be an interesting tussle as aerospace engineers have come up with a faster and cheaper alternative to NASA’s new Ares rockets. The agency is playing up the strong, silent angle. But it points out the huge disadvantage in … Continue reading

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First Day of Summer for Phoenix

It’s those lazy hazy crazy days of summer here on Earth. At least in the northern hemisphere. Today is also the first day of Northern summer on Mars. In case you think a stowaway bug on the Phoenix lander can … Continue reading

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