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Kmiec, To His Left and Right

I haven’t posted or commented on the situation of the Pepperdine law professor Douglas Kmiec and his experience with being refused Communion. It certainly has split the conservatives within Catholicism. My readers know my position on the use of the … Continue reading

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Satellite Imagination: The Galilean Moons of Jupiter

Like many astronomers, amateur and otherwise, I would love to go visiting planets and moons. For me, it’s especially the moons. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen. My wife Anita would never let me strap in for a space mission, … Continue reading

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Ad Pascendum 8-10: Liturgy of the Hours, Incardination & Ordination

With just a few posts to go on Ad Pascendum, let’s finish it up tonight and tomorrow, then devote our full attention to FIYH. Once done with that document, we’ll move to the ordination rites. I never get heavy commentary … Continue reading

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Emerson, Day, and I

My latest piece for InsideCatholic is up there and attracting a few comments. Go over, read, and even comment if you wish. As ever, I have no real hope of making converts, but the very act of being gently provocative … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #57

This week’s carnival is up. Hmmm. Wrong preposition. Out. I want Out. Out of the Cradle, that is. Ken Murphy hosts this week. Read the best of the past week’s astronomy blog posts with a feminine twist. I had no … Continue reading

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Mystery Image

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Take a guess as to what this might be. Here are some possibilities: a) luminous bacteria in the deep ocean (biology) b) aurora borealis (physics) c) a ring of Saturn (astronomy) … Continue reading

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Ad Pascendum 3-7: “Signed Declarations”

Lots of catch-all stuff. First, who ordains: 3. The liturgical rites by which admission of candidates for the diaconate and the priesthood takes place and the above-mentioned ministries are conferred should be performed by the ordinary of the aspirant (the … Continue reading

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NPM on Chant, Motumanics on Stehle

My latest issue of Pastoral Music arrived yesterday, dedicated mostly to “Gregorian Chant.” There is a “section” of NPM dedicated to chant, did you know? They have their own newsletter, Custos. The commentariat is in full camouflage gear at Father … Continue reading

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Aurorae, Here and There

Looking for the aurora borealis? The ProTraveller site has its list of thirteen best cool spots from which to enjoy. Two sights from Sweden sites are above. Other planets have them, too:

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