Ad Pascendum 8-10: Liturgy of the Hours, Incardination & Ordination

With just a few posts to go on Ad Pascendum, let’s finish it up tonight and tomorrow, then devote our full attention to FIYH. Once done with that document, we’ll move to the ordination rites. I never get heavy commentary on the church documents, but I think one at a time is better for the blog focus.

Some brief thoughts from Paul VI on the Liturgy of the Hours, including a stricter observance for deacons on their way to presbyteral ordination:

8. In accordance with norms 29-30 of the General Instruction for the Liturgy of the Hours:

(a) deacons called to the priesthood are bound by their sacred ordination by the obligation of celebrating the liturgy of the hours;

(b) It is most fitting that permanent deacons should recite daily at least a part of the liturgy of the hours, to be determined by the episcopal conference.

A definition on the dividing line between the lay and the clerical states:

9. Entrance into the clerical state and incardination into a diocese are brought about by ordination to the diaconate.

A promise that an ordination rite will be forthcoming soon:

10. The rite of admission for candidates to the diaconate and priesthood and of the special consecration of holy celibacy is to be published soon by the competent department of the Roman Curia.

One more post on the conclusion of this motu proprio; second-last chance to comment here.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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