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Real Estate Fun Ahead

Blogging will be light the next two days or so. Brittany is on duty for serving 11:30 Mass, then we’ll be off to Iowa to look at more houses. I have a trunk full of boxes for the new office. … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Choir Summer Vacations

In some parishes, it is a custom to give the choir the summer off. I had one choir that was chased from the church because the pastor didn’t want to use AC, and we had no rehearsal room. It was … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Matthew 19:3-6 & Mark 10:6-9

These two passages each contain the core of Jesus quoting Genesis 2:24. They also are situated in the Gospels as an occasion of the Pharisees testing the Lord. Language scholars inform us this “testing” is a verb with an overtone … Continue reading

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Mini-Moons Bothering F Ring

Here’s a larger slice of Thursday’s mystery image. Small moons perturb Saturn’s F Ring, as explained on the Cassini site here. The NASA scientists explain: For some time, scientists have suspected the presence of tiny moonlets that orbit Saturn in association … Continue reading

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FIYH 22-24: Praying

The prayer life. You may think it’s a given, but the bishops wanted preachers to be reassured in their reliance on God: [22] Such extended, prayerful preparation is so important for preaching because it helps us reach the moment of … Continue reading

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