Carnival of Space #58

The 58th Carnival of Space is up at Universe Today. It’s closer than the half-million miles to Enceladus as “false-color” imaged above by Cassini.

When I first tuned into these carnival things, the Catholic bloggers’ type, I thought, “Wait. I read that one. That one, too. What is this, just a set of blogger reruns?” Later I realized two things. First, that I was reading too many blogs and maybe I should take peoples’ suggestion I start my own. More recently, I noted that the blog carnival is supposed to be a best-of from the previous week, month, or whatever. Now that I read fewer blogs and spend more narcissism time on my own, I like the carnival because it gives me a one-stop browsing. If I like a particular writer, I’ll probably check her or his main page and read a bit more.

And why did I post the satellite image above? With Mars getting all the attention these days, I thought something non-Martian deserved its ten seconds of internet fame.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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