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Tethys Time

Cassini imaged Tethys above the moon’s south pole last month. Crater Melanthius, the largest seen here, has the elongated peak in the middle. Why would that be? I can’t explain why these icy little worlds fascinate me. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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Fashion Statements

A little more of interest in the liturgy news. From CNS: (T)he pope would begin wearing a shorter pallium — a circular woolen band worn over the shoulders with a shorter strip hanging down the front and back — similar … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #60

Michael at Slacker Astronomy (love the title) hosts the diamond (that’s elemental carbon) edition–the 60th–of the Carnival of Space. The above image is the horsehead nebula, via the NASA image of the day site. Michael has another image at the … Continue reading

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Searching for Know-How

This should be an interesting tussle as aerospace engineers have come up with a faster and cheaper alternative to NASA’s new Ares rockets. The agency is playing up the strong, silent angle. But it points out the huge disadvantage in … Continue reading

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