Searching for Know-How

This should be an interesting tussle as aerospace engineers have come up with a faster and cheaper alternative to NASA’s new Ares rockets. The agency is playing up the strong, silent angle. But it points out the huge disadvantage in competition and human safety that large social units sometimes encourage.

One of the neat aspects of the HBO mini-series From The Earth To The Moon was how individual creativity could make significant progress against technical obstacles and get people into space and keep them alive there. Episode 5, “Spider,” was one of my favorites.

I don’t want to make human know-how into its own god, but imagination and intellect are God-given traits. The old canard, “If God meant for us to fly, He would’ve given us wings,” is just silly. Human beings have wings. Unlike bats, birds, and insects, they’re in our heads rather than on our bodies.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. FrLarry says:

    I don’t know if Direct 2.0 will be better or not, because both Direct 2.0 and Ares V are still on the drawing boards. I remember all the easy promises about the shuttle during the 1970s. Direct 2.0 may be better, or it might not. However, I must confess that, cost and timetables aside, I would much rather watch an Ares V launch than a Direct…Yawn…2.0 launch.

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