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Drop Dead Date

After three days out of the loop, I see Pope Benedict has given the SSPX a deadline for reconciling with Rome. I don’t really see this as netting a favorable result for reconciliation, do any of you? As with many … Continue reading

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Return From Ames With Home Views

After three days at the new parish, I’m back in KC. Fifteen or so more days of two parishes sharing me, then we close on the new house, move to Ames, and start up full-time. The current homestead has two … Continue reading

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Pope Calls For SC Study

From the pope’s transmitted address to the Eucharistic Congress (courtesy of Zenit): ‘The Mystery of Faith’: this we proclaim at every Mass. I would like everyone to make a commitment to study this great mystery, especially by revisiting and exploring, … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Late or Absent Priest

Here’s one I thought would make for a good discussion here. It’s not really covered in any liturgy documents, so no need to fear being tabbed a heretic or a heterodox. Unless you want to be. There’s a visiting priest … Continue reading

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Life on tv

Since my return to the realm of television in 1993 (I hadn’t owned one and watched little since the mid-70’s), I’ve been an admirer of David Attenborough‘s documentaries. I first saw The Private Life of Plants around the time I got married and … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Hebrews 13:1-4a, 5-6b

This reading was added to the last Lectionary revision. If you have an old marriage prep booklet, it’s likely not included. This reading, by the way, is mentioned by a correspondent to Zenit’s Liturgy Q&A column this past week. I … Continue reading

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One Parish Is Enough

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, whose diocese is hosting the Eucharistic Congress this week, offers his take on the “Universal Tridentine,” this from CNS: I think the intention of the Holy Father is to allow the practice of the extraordinary rite where … Continue reading

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FIYH 37-39: Limitations of the Preacher

The preacher is in a tough position, especially the primary one in a community. A caution not to get a big head about things, and keeping perspective on things: [37] It may be good to close this section with a … Continue reading

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Satellite Imagination: Meet The Louisians

When I was in college my friend Mark, an astrophysics grad student, took me to the Mees Observatory, our university’s in-state research telescope. Among other things, we viewed Giovanni Cassini’s Louisian Stars—named for King Louis XIV, the astronomer’s patron at … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #59

… can be found at Maria Brumm’s Green Gabbro site. Go read; it’s a good edition. I approve that a geophysicist is hosting the carnival. That was my undergraduate major… the geo part … of geology, that is. One of … Continue reading

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Medical News

After an uncertain week with the possibility of the young miss of the family getting one of these (image left), the word is she won’t need one after all. During sleep, her heart rate tends to relax somewhat, but otherwise … Continue reading

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What is “Spirituality”?

(This is Neil) This post isn’t about liturgy, but perhaps an even more tangled issue: spirituality. I suspect that many of us, whether in pastoral ministry or not, have heard the phrase, “I’m spiritual but not religious.” This claim usually … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: 1 John 3:18-24

The “other” First John passage is an expression of Christian confidence before God. All of 1 John 3 treats the virtue of love as the hallmark of the believer.  Lest anyone think the virtue of one’s expression of love is enough, … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Form and Extraordinary Burdens

Thanks for the commentary on the “Universal Tridentine” thread below. Neil nails important issues all of us would do well to keep in mind. It has long been my contention that either of the two liturgical rites called upon to do the … Continue reading

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The Universal Tridentine

The blogosphere is somewhat abuzz over this statement that the pope wants the Tridentine Mass in every parish. Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos (in the miter, right) said the pope is asking seminaries to train new priests in both rites. That … Continue reading

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