On Adoption

In bits and pieces, I’ve shared some part of my family’s adoption story here on Catholic Sensibility and in comboxes elsewhere over the years. My friends at InsideCatholic asked me to write something over there. So I took a break from the liturgy and culture wars. You can surf over for a visit and add a comment if you wish.

I believe I could be writing more about adoption. My blog audience, fine people that you are, is pretty narrow in the big scope of internet things. About a third of my recent visitors come because of one short essay on Miley Cyrus. (Just typing her name in this post will probably bump up my referrals from search engines.)

Lots of you are liturgy geeks or sympathizers. Most of you are from the US. Are you an audience that would consider adopting a child? I’ve never thought so. That’s why, in part, I consented to doing a piece elsewhere on it.

I hope that doesn’t come off as insulting. That’s not my intent. What I’m trying to say is that my adoption stories would be human interest stuff on CS. I do get an occasional comment by e-mail that I should stick with what I know–liturgy. The posts on astronomy and family are slightly interesting, but mostly they just get in the way, they say. My friends know I’m an adoptive parent, and what more could I say to my regular readers to convince you to adopt in turn? I have the best kid in the world. The luckiest among you would get number two, at best.

If I knew I would have a larger audience to promote adoption, I would post on it more often.

I will also add that my wife is concerned about too much publicity. She gets nervous when I post images of her and especially the young miss of the family. I see other bloggers doing it, and I don’t do it too much … so a few times a year is usually tolerable. Otherwise, no clue where you can find us and cause mischief–heh. Like any of us could get off the grid if we wanted to.

If I had any confidence I could sway the world, I would give up liturgy blogging and go full at it on adoption. I still might do it someday.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to On Adoption

  1. Neil says:

    Dear Todd,

    I understand the concern about privacy. And, of course, there is the perplexing, if less urgent, question of what the blog should be about.

    But I think that you can post about adoption without feeling that you must persuade a certain number of readers to adopt a child (although that might be a happy result) or worrying that your stories would merely be “human interest stuff” that “gets in the way.”

    After all, as your article’s mention of the “Father’s embrace of His own adopted children” clearly shows, your posts on adoption can potentially help us meditate on theological themes that should be important to all Christians.

    For instance (and perhaps obviously), for this year of St Paul, it might be very interesting to reflect further on Paul’s use of the metaphor of “adoption” (besides Ephesians, which you have pointed out, we can look at Galatians 4 and Romans 8) through the lens of adopting a child. I’m not sure that I’ve seen that done.

    Take care,

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