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Satellite Imagination: Mathematics And A Missing Planet

It would be the coolest thing to discover a planet, don’t you think? A moon wouldn’t be too bad either. For the inner eight planets of the solar system, as of the early twenty-first century, humankind has pretty much uncovered … Continue reading

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FIYH 56-57: Faithfulness to the Congregation

Some pastoral advice that will contribute to the fruitfulness of the homily: [56] If the homily must be faithful to the Scriptures for it to be the living Word of God, it must also be faithful to the congregation to … Continue reading

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Fr Weber on Sacred Music

The first of a two-part interview with Father Samuel Weber, OSB is up at Zenit. He will head the Saint Louis archdiocese’s sacred music institute. I see a bit of the revisionist mindset that pervades the reform2 crowd well in … Continue reading

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What’s Ahead

With the Big Move just a week away, we’re in full packing and preparation mode at the house. Our rental agency, which seemed to be dilly-dallying the past month, has delivered a family to rent our Kansas City home. Thank … Continue reading

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