What’s Ahead

With the Big Move just a week away, we’re in full packing and preparation mode at the house. Our rental agency, which seemed to be dilly-dallying the past month, has delivered a family to rent our Kansas City home. Thank goodness. That’s a big financial sigh of relief. We had been facing paying two mortgages by the end of the summer without a renter or the unlikely prospect of my wife generating a full-time income. That had “potential disaster” written all over it.

As it is, we’ll be replacing a stove in the old house, and leaving all the appliances behind. The spring brush pile still needs to get bagged up, but I’m close to the bottom of the home repair list. The last big task is my wife’s side of the basement. Little tasks include the last odds and ends of my old den, plus the usual bedroom and kitchen stuff. The only kitchen taskers left are the food processor, toaster, and the can opener.

We have lots of good help on the front end of the move, and I’m sure we’ll pick up assistance in Ames.

As for the blogging, expect lightness over the next week and a half. Sometime soon I’ll start posting on the ordination rites. By summer’s end, I think we’ll be ready to tackle mid-80’s ICEL work on Pastoral Care of the Sick, RCIA, and the funeral rites.

Every week or so, I’ll add another post on American music, highlighting tone poems or otherwise themed pieces from people like Philip Glass, Jennifer Higdon, Charles Griffes, David Diamond, Aaron Copland, and others. The focus will be on the twentieth century.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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