Nine Years For A New Bishop–Not

Mainland American dioceses thought they had it rough with months to a few years to wait for a new bishop. The diocese of Saint Thomas, 30,000 Catholics and fifteen priests, might have fallen off the radar of the Congregation of Bishops. According to Zenit, they’ve been without a bishop for nine years. Naturally, they get a priest from a large American diocese instead of one of their own.

Did you know there’s a species of cactus called Bishop’s Miter? It would be a cool inclusion on an episcopal coat-of-arms. But probably not for a Virgin Islands diocese.

Note: DavAnnb points out the St Thomas diocese has actually had a bishop since 1999, George Vance Murry, a Jesuit, no less. I did think that nine years was exceedingly long. I did check Bishop Bevard on the Catholic-Hierarchy site, but not his new diocese. My error.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Nine Years For A New Bishop–Not

  1. DavAnnb says:

    The Zenit article seems to be wrong. According to the the Diocese of St. Thomas website they have only been without an Bishop for 16 months, when Bishop Murry was transfered from there to Youngstown Ohio. Bishop Murry was, actually, Bishop Thomas’ coadjuadtor bishop. So Bishop Thomas was not their last bishop.

    Not your fault, though, its hard to believe the author of the article would mess up such a basic fact.

    A listing of their past bishops is on the home page of their site.

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