FIYH 106-107: The Homily Preparation Group

The US bishops float an idea you’d never find in Rome, I don’t think.

[106] An effective way for preachers to be sure that they are addressing some of the real concerns of the congregation in the homily is to involve members of that congregation in a homily preparation group. One way to begin such a group is for the preachers to invite four or five people they trust and can work with easily to join them for an hour at the beginning of the week. In a parish setting it is advisable to have one of the members drop out after four weeks and invite someone else to take his or her place. Similarly; a second will drop out after the fifth week, so that after eight weeks or so they will be working with a new group of people.

Rotation of membership is a good idea.

[107] A homily preparation group can also be formed by gathering the priests in the rectory; the parish staff, priests from the area, priest and ministers, or a priests’ support group. The presence of members of the congregation in a group is especially helpful in raising issues that are of concern to them and which the homily may be able to address. Groups that involve only clergy or parish staff members can also be a rich source of insight into the ways in which the Scriptures point to the continuing presence of God in human history.

Of the clergy I know who use groups, most use staff, some use parishioners, and few use their colleagues in ordained ministry.

Any clergy or lay people ever been involved in homily prep groups?

(All texts from Fulfilled in Your Hearing are copyright © 1982 USCCB. All rights reserved. Used with permission.)

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