Cyclones And More On Ice

It appears I have moved to a hockey town. Unlike five of my six years in Kansas City, I have a local hockey team to support. Excellent! The ice arena is within walking distance of my home. Sweet!

When I was at the bank opening up a checking account last month, I saw some advertising copy for the hockey team’s program. That perked my interest. Of course, I would have moved here anyway. Brittany is pleased to see KU and Mizzou on the 08-09 schedule. Her young KC friends split pretty evenly between following those schools. She will be for Iowa State through and through.

Image Credit, above: Jordan Miller & Iowa State Daily web site.

My hometown team makes an annual appearance in Des Moines each year, so I’ll mark that date on my calendar when the AHL schedule is out later today.

One of my adopted teams is also nearby, and I hope to drive up US 20 for a game or two this season as well.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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