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Enceladus Images Up

Imagine your children sitting (safely) on your home’s front steps just after sunset. You drive by at 60mph. Can your spouse catch a picture of your kids’ smiles? (Or their gaping open mouths that you’re roaring down the road at … Continue reading

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Those “Angry Traditionalists”

Mark Shea takes aim at those he finds emotionally challenged in the reform2 crew. Predictable fallout ensues. Commentary: It is hard for any person or group who is persecuted or feels persecuted to avoid the emotion. But as the pop … Continue reading

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Ordination Rites: Admission to Candidacy 6-11

Let’s pick up after the homily and see how this rite for admission to candidacy is celebrated and concluded. Candidates are called after the homily: CALLING OF THE CANDIDATES 6. The appointed deacon or priest calls the candidates by name. … Continue reading

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