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You Are Near

After our brisk discussion here and elsewhere about “You Are Near,” I decided to ask the composer himself for some background on the piece. He was kind enough to return my e-mail this morning and suggested I relay it to … Continue reading

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Let Not The Fur Fly

… or be worn, asks the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, of Pope Benedict XVI. You can view or sign the petition here. I’m about 95% sure this is the right site; my Italian is … Continue reading

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Space Carnival #67

Check out the Space Carnival this week, hosted at Discovery Space: Next Generation. They linked my meager Enceladus post from last night, but I recommend the brilliant Emily at the Planetary Society blog for substantive analysis of Enceladus images. Emily … Continue reading

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Cardinal Hot Seat

The griddle is fired up on high heat at Commonweal today. Nobody’s throwing the cardinal an ice cube. Grant Gallicho’s summary of Cardinal George’s deposition¬†is utterly damning. One commenter mentioning “moral dry rot” in the hierarchy was criticized for being … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Friday Night Mass 2

Having been involved with two parishes this calendar year, I can report their general approach to obligatory holy days is similar. Maintain the daily Mass schedule and add a vigil Mass plus an evening Mass on the day of the … Continue reading

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“Eternally Valid” to a List of Possessions

The USCCB site offers this CNS news note from Tuesday on a proposed change for the US Catechism for Adults: The change, which must be confirmed by the Vatican Congregation for Clergy, would remove from the catechism a sentence that … Continue reading

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Approval of New Ordination Rites

In the ordination rites, following the section on admission to candidacy, the publication provides five pages of Paul VI’s 1968 apostolic constitution, Approval of New Rites for the Ordination of Deacons, Presbyters, and Bishops. We’ll take a pause in posts … Continue reading

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