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Cutting Edge or Cutting Throat

My otherwise sensible friend Jeffrey Tucker is promoting polyphonic propers at the NLM site this weekend. (Sorry; I’d link the post, but NLM doesn’t seem to provide easy (or even possible) post linking.) Polyphony is great as a concert experience. … Continue reading

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Ordination Rites: Ordination of a Deacon 15

Section 15 contains the examination of the deacon candidate by the bishop. The questions asked teach us something of the Church’s expectations for the diaconate ministry. EXAMINATION OF THE CANDIDATE 15. The candidate then stands before the bishop who ques­tions … Continue reading

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They’re Back

Students flooded the Masses this weekend, especially 10:30 this morning. A good feeling, and good to have a church attendance number I haven’t seen since Easter. The campus ministry people hosted a free dinner for new students in the parking lot … Continue reading

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