They’re Back

Students flooded the Masses this weekend, especially 10:30 this morning. A good feeling, and good to have a church attendance number I haven’t seen since Easter. The campus ministry people hosted a free dinner for new students in the parking lot tonight. The day before classes start is a laughing, happy time for students. I hope the stresses of academics and other life factors are enough to test these young women and men, but not to overwhelm them.

The variety of instrumentation at the Masses here is cool. Last night, we had a pianist, violinist, and a brass section of alto sax, trumpet, and euphonium. I met another euphonium player tonight at the new student picnic.

I’m excited about the prospects of evangelization at the student parish. The pastor tells me a number of vocations have come from Iowa State students over the years. It seems a deep foolishness that many dioceses choose not to invest personnel in campus ministry. I tell myself I’ve landed in a sort of Shangri-La: the spirit of the students I’ve met, the support of the resident parishioners, the whole package.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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