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ICEL Policy On Text Downloads

The inimitable Jeffrey Tucker has news of ICEL’s willingness to release texts of the Roman Missal for download without payment of royalties. There will be a delay until all music publishers have the go-ahead from Rome to make it all … Continue reading

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I Protest!

The CNS piece didn’t say if any Catholics were part of the protests, but the pro-life movement takes a PR hit on the eve of the Denver convention. Other protesters aren’t too happy either. I wonder how stale on-site protesting … Continue reading

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Gold In Windows

Who could have imagined it? Gold particles used to color stained glass windows can actually purify the air around them. Scientist Zhu Huai Yong of Queensland University of Technology also found that despite the high cost of gold, this process … Continue reading

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Ordination Rites: Ordination of a Deacon 16-20

Before we get to the meaty consecration, let’s look at the rituals in between the candidate’s promises and the bishop’s long prayer. First up, the candidate promises obedience to his present and future bishops: PROMISE OF OBEDIENCE 16. Then the … Continue reading

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