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Humor and the Catholic Church

(This is Neil) The Catholic blogosphere can be a rough place. (I doubt that it is rougher than the political blogosphere; I am not sure if it is rougher than, say, the Anglican blogosphere.) Why should this be the case? … Continue reading

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Michelle on tv

I went to bed right around the start of the speech, but my wife tuned in while loading the dishwasher. (The previous owner left a tv in the kitchen so we’re a two-tv family now.) Everybody’s dissecting the speech. Rod … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Servers Receiving Communion

I don’t have servers in my new parish. So this is a question for others taking the purple chair: when and where should servers receive Communion? Do they approach the altar and receive with adult Communion ministers? Do they receive … Continue reading

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Commentary On Pelosi

1. If she’s messed up on church teaching, it’s likely others are too. If others are open to correction, then that’s not a bad next step. 2. Ensoulment discussions may be worth having, but they do not impact the church’s … Continue reading

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Dangers For The Word

A brief snippet on the CNS site today about Pope Benedict’s hopes for this Fall’s synod on the Word of God. If I were to directly attribute these bits to the pope, I have a feeling I would be unfair … Continue reading

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Here’s The Plan

Though the posts have picked up now that life is settling down in Iowa, I haven’t gotten back to some blogging projects. We’re still getting dozens of daily hits on wedding readings and rites. I’d like to organize that wedding … Continue reading

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Ordination Rites: Ordination of a Deacon 21

Section 21 gives a brief rubric, then the lengthy consecration prayer. I call your attention to the style and structure of the prayer. A short petition is followed by seven statements of faith, recently latched onto by some conservative Catholics … Continue reading

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