Here’s The Plan

Though the posts have picked up now that life is settling down in Iowa, I haven’t gotten back to some blogging projects.

We’re still getting dozens of daily hits on wedding readings and rites. I’d like to organize that wedding material a bit more and make it easier for a site visitor to find and ferret out helpful information. That sidebar is getting pretty darn cluttered and could use organization now that my filing cabinet is in some kind of order.

I have in mind a series on American orchestral music I began on the Fourth. David Diamond, Alan Hovhaness, and Jennifer Higdon are all in the queue. I just need some extended time to listen to the pieces I’ve chosen as part personal faves and part representative of American music.

I want to kick up my astronomy history series as well. Leaving off at 1900 isn’t getting the stories of 20th century discoveries out there. Before and during the Space Age, there are stories to tell.

On the church documents front, we’ll continue the ordination rites for another month or so. After that, Pastoral Care of the Sick will address sacramental anointing and pick up on some of the Communion to the Sick rituals we looked at in previous series on the Eucharist.

After that, the plan is to tackle RCIA, then the funeral rites. They may well take several months each. Do you think posts dedicated to the funeral lectionary would be helpful? Take some time to think about it. My sketch is to begin Pastoral Care of the Sick in October, RCIA in January, and funerals probably won’t come up till next summer. Beyond that, we’ll have some non-sacramental liturgy stuff: dedication of a church comes to mind. Maybe that document in tandem with Built of Living Stones. That might be a good segue in turn to more USCCB documents on liturgy.

Any input the readers have would be welcome. If you have a suggestion for an area I feel somewhat competent to discuss, I’ll probably go with it.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Here’s The Plan

  1. Dale Price says:

    I’m looking forward to the discussion of the sacrament of annointing. One of the great reforms of the Council was returning it to its full vigor.

    And not so BTW, thanks for the kind words and encouragement about my daughter. Much appreciated, believe me.

    Also, I suspect I’m going to want to pick your brain about the real estate market and what you did to move when I get a free moment.

  2. Todd says:

    Dale, any time. I have no brilliant solution to the real estate mess. If we had sold, we would have taken a $20K loss, minimum. The house next door to us was foreclosed on. There were a number of properties sold off by banks in KC, and the market where we lived was not pretty. Of course, it was worse for people with McMansions.

    As our realtor told us, selling a house is not a problem. You can sell a house in a matter of days. Lots of people are buying. The challenge for the seller is recovering any equity if they’ve recently refinanced or bought.

    So we have renters. Not brilliant, but survivable.

    The situation that is, not the nice people who are living in our other home.

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