Clear on Gibbet, Confused on Biden

At least that’s how some of us Catholics have the rest of us pegged. It’s an interesting progression from Rock reporting and linking the Bishop Morlino’s statement (which I won’t get to hear till later today), to Deacon Greg dropping the c-word on Pelosi and Biden (on which I might agree), to the Anchoress lamenting the “confusion being wrought among Catholics” about political stances on abortion.

Hasn’t some boat already sailed up the confusion river this summer?

What do you make of a preacher responding to a tv show that maybe a fraction of his assembly has heard? Preaching to the people or preaching for the press? On the other hand, a Sunday congregation in a large church is always going to outnumber a press conference. In the internet age, you know the listening audience on this is going to outpopulate a press conference by the next day, too.

At what point do you suppose fatigue is going to settle in on Catholic homily time?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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