Ordination Rites: Ordination of a Priest 26-29

Wrapping up the ordination Mass, we find gifts prepared, then a sign of peace:


26. The deacon assists the bishop in receiving the gifts of the people and he prepares the bread on the paten and the wine and water in the chalice for the celebration of Mass. He brings the paten and chalice to the bishop, who hands them to the new priest as he kneels before him. The bishop says:

Accept from the holy people of God the gifts to be offered to him.

Know what you are doing, and imitate the mystery you celebrate:

model your life on the mystery of the Lord’s cross.


27. Lastly, the bishop stands and gives the kiss of peace to the new priest, saying:

Peace be with you.

The priest responds: And also with you.

If circumstances permit, the priests present also give the kiss of peace to the newly ordained.

Note the choice of music to accompany the peace, as we saw in the diaconate ordination. Note also the given priorities: Psalm 100, another appropriate song, or a choice of antiphons, presumably to be used with Psalm 100:

28. Meanwhile, the following antiphon may be sung with Psalm 100.

You are my friends, says the Lord, if you do what I command you.

The antiphon is repeated after every two verses. Glory to the Father is not said. The psalm is interrupted and the antiphon repeated when all have received the kiss of peace.

Any other appropriate song may be sung, or:

No longer do I call you servants, but my friends, because you know all that I have done among you (alleluia).,

-Receive the Holy Spirit as an Advocate among you: it is he whom the Father will send you (alleluia).

You are my friends if you do the things I command you.

-Receive the Holy Spirit as an Advocate among you. Glory to the Father …

-It is he whom the Father will send you (alleluia).

And a prescription for the Eucharistic Prayer:


29. The rite for the concelebration of Mass is followed with these changes:

a) The preparation of the chalice is omitted.

b) In Eucharistic Prayer I, the special form of Father, accept this offering is said:

Father, accept this offering from your whole family

and from the one you have chosen for the order of


Protect the gifts you have given him,

and let him yield a harvest worthy of you.

[Through Christ our Lord. Amen.]

Any last thoughts before we move on to the ordination of a bishop?

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