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The Armchair Liturgist: Litany of the Holy Cross

It’s a devotional tradition from centuries back. With this weekend’s feast, is anybody out there planning to use this litany? If so, what, how, and when? This one, based on the writings of Thomas À Kempis, dates to the 15th … Continue reading

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Wipe It Clean

FrMichael mentioned something very significant in his response on one of the ordination posts. Regarding the cleansing materials for the newly ordained person’s hands: Like most of my classmates, I didn’t use the lemon when washing my hands: wanted the … Continue reading

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Jeffrey and I on Liturgy

I had a good time this morning on Brian Craig’s internet radio interview. I don’t know what the turnaround time is on posting the audio file, but go over for a listen. I worry that I talked too much in … Continue reading

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