Ordination Rites: Ordination of a Bishop 11-15

Two sections on the liturgy of the word, where we read there are readings from the Mass of the day or from the special Mass for ordaining a bishop:

11. The liturgy of the word takes place according to the rubrics.

12. The readings may be taken in whole or in part from the Mass of the day or from the texts listed in Chapter VI.

As is true with other ordinations …

The profession of faith is not said, nor are the general inter­cessions.

The actual ordination begins with a hymn:

13. The ordination of a bishop begins after the gospel. While all stand, the hymn Veni, Creator Spiritus is sung, or another hymn similar to it; depending on local custom.

And the bishops are told where to go:

14. The principal consecrator and the consecrating bishops, wearing their miters, go to the seats prepared for the ordina­tion and sit.

15. The bishop-elect is led by his assisting priests to the chair of the principal consecrator, before whom he makes a sign of reverence.

More meat later …

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