Cyclone Hockey

Home from our first ISU sporting event. We enjoyed watching the men’s hockey team take out Mizzou 6-2 in the home opener. Brit was conflicted, saying the teams were from the two states she’s lived in. Who would she root for? Sort of both.

For ISU, ice hockey is a club team, meaning they’re not under the umbrella of a big-time athletic department. The venue was chilly and decent. It seats about a thousand on one side of the ice surface. I’d say the stands were about half-full of fairly enthusiastic students and a minority of older and younger townies.

The level of play was about one step below the USHL, where I’d seen many, many games in the late 90’s, especially in Waterloo. The Cyclones had one defenseman who had played in the USHL. Their roster included players from eleven states and four Canadian provinces. Neither team seemed really crisp, and Mizzou had a four-goal-in-five-minute meltdown in the second period that essentially decided the game.

I’ll go back for a few more ISU games this season. But we have a lot of choices in the Iowa neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Brit has her sights set on catching the women’s soccer team play next Friday. Naturally, the opponent is Missouri.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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