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I’ve been at the office all day, so I missed the young miss reporting on her audition for the middle school play this afternoon. She’s had her focus on trying out for the part of the wicked witch of the … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Memorizing the Eucharistic Prayer

A number of priests I’ve known know some or all of the Eucharistic Prayers by heart. I was noticing the other day my new pastor pretty much not glancing at the Sacramentary while praying the Roman Canon of all prayers. … Continue reading

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Ordination Rites: Ordination of a Bishop 27-35

The gospel book is taken away from above the new bishop’s head, then it is┬áhanded to him after anointing. 27. After the prayer of consecration, the deacons remove the Book of the Gospels which they have been holding above the … Continue reading

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