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Mercury and Mars Monday

Lots of news on Mars these days, including images of snow falling: Cool. Also lots of news coming up on Mercury as the Messenger probe readies itself for a science survey on flyby number two next week. (T)he Gamma-Ray Spectrometer … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to think about economic news today. But maybe I can channel what some of my neighbors are thinking. My family and I recently bought a new home for six figures. Six-and-a-half orders of magnitude smaller than … Continue reading

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Have you a favorite? Mine would easily be Raphael, the emissary sent to respond to the prayers of Sarah and Tobit. Each in turn prayed for death as a better alternative to their sufferings. Sarah had been afflicted by a … Continue reading

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PCS 8-12: Recipients of the Anointing of the Sick

Who may be anointed? This is the question pastors and pastoral care ministers have attempted to address since Vatican II. The sacrament formerly known as “extreme unction” was delayed until the time of death. So there were a lot of … Continue reading

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