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We know that Catholics sacraments impart an indelible mark on the believer. Does that extend to record-keeping? Spain’s Supreme Court has ruled that Catholic parishes don’t have to erase people from their baptismal records. Three years ago, Manuel Blat Gonzalez … Continue reading

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Bishop Martino: Omit The Homily

Forget all this talk about vineyards, says Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton. Read my letter instead. No wiggle room permitted for northeastern Pennsylvania pastors: read the letter at homily time, all the letter, and only the letter. Hat tip: Mollie … Continue reading

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PCS 16-19: The Minister of Anointing

The sacrament of anointing, because of its association with the forgiveness of sins as well as medieval/Tridentine tradition, may be conferred only by a presbyter or bishop. In the immediate post-conciliar years, there were rumblings about deacons and lay people … Continue reading

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