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Microwave Survival

I like stories like this. Two big challenges with lunar colonization are finding water to drink and oxygen to breathe. If explorers have to haul it up from the Earth, space exploration will never really take off. Who would imagine … Continue reading

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Respect Life and Liturgy

What are the reasonable alternatives when even bishops want to use the Sunday bully pulpit to promote stuff not quite in harmonization with the liturgy? It’s a heated issue, and even my confreres at IC can’t help but violate their … Continue reading

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What to do in the “south niche?” had been a question for my parish before I arrived. On the south end of the nave, under the loft, we have two devotional areas. One has an icon of the Blessed Mother … Continue reading

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PCS 32-34: Ministry of the Baptized

We have a section titled, “OFFICES AND MINISTRIES FOR THE SICK.” What does this mean? The Church takes a very liberal view of ministry here, calling up Saint Paul and no fewer than three Vatican documents: 32 If one member … Continue reading

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